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US Capitol Christmas Tree Transport

Week 1 of transporting the US Capitol Christmas Tree is in the books and what a great celebration it was! Community support and excitement abounded as thousands of Idahoans were on hand at 13 different stops throughout the state.

Something feels unique about the events of this year in part because of the spirit of Idahoans in attendance and in part by the “Second to None” efforts of those putting on the events. Everything great about Idaho was on display from the school bands and cheerleaders to those representing our Native American heritage and bag pipe players. So many organizations came together to make the celebrations a success. We are so proud to be a part of it all and to transport “The People’s Tree” to the US Capitol.

Here are some of our favorite pictures along the way…

US Capitol Christmas TreeUS-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-TruckUS-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-TruckUS-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-TruckUS-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-TruckUS-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-TruckUS-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-TruckUS-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-Truck  US-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-TruckUS-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-Truck US-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-Truck US-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-Truck US-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-TruckUS-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-TruckUS-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-TruckUS-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-TruckUS-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-TruckUS-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-Truck   US-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-TruckUS-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-TruckUS-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-Truck US-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-TruckUS-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-TruckUS-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-TruckUS-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-TruckUS-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-TruckUS-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-Truck US-Capitol-Christmas-Tree-Truck