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ITA Presidents Award

Celebrating Excellence: Gary Amoth Trucking Receives Prestigious Idaho Safety Awards

This past fall, Gary Amoth Trucking proudly received a prestigious Idaho safety award. This award is sponsored by Great West Casualty and is given to the Idaho Trucking Company with the highest safety score in all categories. Gary Amoth and Cory Whittle accepted the Great West Safety Award and the 2022 President’s Award Grand Trophy. Awards are presented at the Idaho Trucking Association’s annual convention in McCall, Idaho.

These accolades are not merely trophies; they symbolize the dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to safety that defines the ethos of Gary Amoth Trucking. Idaho Trucking Association’s recognition attests to excellence. Our success stems from a deep belief in safety. Safety is not just regulatory; it shapes our operations. Our drivers’ safety is a non-negotiable priority.

Taking Pride in Safety

Everyone at Gary Amoth Trucking takes immense pride in receiving the Great West Safety Award and the 2022 President’s Award Grand Trophy. It encompasses our safety team and maintenance department working closely with our drivers to maintain such excellence. It reflects our dedication to setting high industry standards, ensuring each journey our trucks undertake is safe.

Safety, for us, is not just about compliance; it’s about going the extra mile to protect our drivers, their cargo, and the communities through which they travel. Our drivers are the backbone of our operations. Their well-being is not just a responsibility; it’s a top priority for us. When our drivers hit the road, they carry not only our cargo but also our reputation for safety and reliability.

Our success in winning these prestigious awards is a result of a collective effort. It is a reflection of the hard work, dedication, and discipline instilled in our team. From leadership down to each team member, we share a common goal—to uphold the highest safety standards in the industry. We invest in training, state-of-the-art technology, and continuous improvement initiatives to equip our drivers with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the roads safely.

At Gary Amoth Trucking, safety is not just a box to be checked; it’s a journey of continuous improvement. Fostering a safety culture is creating an environment where drivers feel supported, valued, and empowered—not just avoiding accidents. Our safety commitment extends beyond work. It’s a promise to drivers’ families: we’ll do everything to ensure their loved ones return home safely after each trip.

In Conclusion:

The Great West Safety Award and the 2022 President’s Award Grand Trophy acknowledge our unwavering commitment to safety. Celebrating these achievements, we renew our pledge to uphold high standards, innovate, and strive for safety excellence. At Gary Amoth Trucking, safety isn’t just a destination; it’s our ongoing journey, and we proudly lead the way.

Thank You to our drivers for doing the right thing day in and day out along with our safety and maintenance depts. and the entire Gary Amoth Trucking organization working together to accomplish this achievement and recognition!

Gary Amoth Trucking Receives Safety Awards. Great West Safety Award and the 2022 President's Award Grand Trophy Gary Amoth Trucking Receives Safety Awards. Great West Safety Award Gary Amoth Trucking Receives Safety Awards. President's Award Grand Trophy