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Gary Amoth Trucking is setting a Benchmark

In the fast-paced world of trucking, where competition is fierce and demands are relentless, Gary Amoth Trucking is setting a new benchmark with its comprehensive pay and benefits package tailored for its dedicated drivers. In an industry where driver shortages and turnover rates have become critical issues, the company is taking a proactive stance by prioritizing driver satisfaction, well-being, and livable wages like never before.

Competitive Pay

Recognizing the pivotal role that drivers play in the success of any trucking enterprise, Gary Amoth Trucking has designed its compensation structure to not only value drivers but also to appropriately reward their dedication and hard work. Competitive wages form the foundation, guaranteeing that drivers receive not just a paycheck, but a reflection of their commitment to delivering excellence on the road.

100% Company-Paid Healthcare & Company Match Retirement Plan

However, the commitment to driver welfare doesn’t stop at competitive pay. The benefits package encompasses all facets of a driver’s life. 100% Company-Paid Driver benefits. Healthcare coverage ensures that drivers are protected, promoting a healthier and more secure lifestyle. Beyond the physical, the company retirement plan comes with a company match. Building a secure future is a shared goal. Our retirement plan not only helps you secure your tomorrow but also comes with a company match, amplifying the value of your hard work today.

Regular Home Time

In addition, we understand the significance of a balanced life. Our thoughtfully designed schedules prioritize regular home time, allowing you to cherish quality moments with your loved ones. At Gary Amoth Trucking, we value your life outside of work just as much as your contributions on the road. This comprehensive benefits package not only ensures competitive compensation for our drivers but also provides support in every aspect of their lives.


At the heart of Gary Amoth Trucking’s approach lies a profound driver-focused culture. The company recognizes that a content driver translates to a satisfied client. Hence, fostering a culture of respect, open communication, and genuine care has been woven into the fabric of the organization. This culture not only boosts driver morale but also leads to enhanced company pride, setting the stage for unmatched service quality. In an industry where the demand for skilled drivers remains high, Gary Amoth Trucking is taking monumental strides to not only attract new talent but also retain the seasoned professionals who form the backbone of the company. The new pay and benefits package is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to nurturing its drivers, ensuring their well-being, and acknowledging their pivotal role in the company’s triumphs.

In conclusion, Gary Amoth Trucking’s pay and benefits package stands as a beacon of driver-focused innovation in a competitive market. By prioritizing driver welfare, fostering a unique company culture, and offering a comprehensive compensation package, the company solidifies its reputation as a trailblazer in valuing and caring for its most precious asset – its drivers. Join The Best in the West, Apply Here.